Monday, September 21, 2015

Minerals & Art

Art & Minerals

We all know that art can be found anywhere, sometimes in the most unlikely 

of places. When it comes to nature however, we find art in its most original form. 

Unpredictable, abstract, and intricate, are a few words one might use to describe the 

beauty and artistry formed by Mother Earth. So it comes as no surprise that artists 

look to nature for inspiration, often incorporating their findings into works of art. 

In creating my own pieces for Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art, I’ve always 

appreciated the diversity of patterns, colors and textures found in raw minerals: the 

unassuming rock, when opened, reveals a crystalline world inside the wonderful 

Geode; Crystals, each uniquely shaped and extruding from their surroundings, 

become ice-like sculptures; and the spectrum of intense colors as seen in minerals 

such as Emerald and Amethyst all perform for our visual and wearable pleasure. 

Minerals are nature’s ‘art for the people’. 

When used by fine artists the results can be bold and unforgettable, 

reminding us to never underestimate the power of nature and the power of the creative mind. 

Take a look at the different ways some artists create work inspired by 

minerals, then shop the PBWA collection to create your own curated, wearable art 

landscape. Your body is a wearable art canvas!

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