Monday, September 21, 2015

Minerals & Art

Art & Minerals

We all know that art can be found anywhere, sometimes in the most unlikely 

of places. When it comes to nature however, we find art in its most original form. 

Unpredictable, abstract, and intricate, are a few words one might use to describe the 

beauty and artistry formed by Mother Earth. So it comes as no surprise that artists 

look to nature for inspiration, often incorporating their findings into works of art. 

In creating my own pieces for Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art, I’ve always 

appreciated the diversity of patterns, colors and textures found in raw minerals: the 

unassuming rock, when opened, reveals a crystalline world inside the wonderful 

Geode; Crystals, each uniquely shaped and extruding from their surroundings, 

become ice-like sculptures; and the spectrum of intense colors as seen in minerals 

such as Emerald and Amethyst all perform for our visual and wearable pleasure. 

Minerals are nature’s ‘art for the people’. 

When used by fine artists the results can be bold and unforgettable, 

reminding us to never underestimate the power of nature and the power of the creative mind. 

Take a look at the different ways some artists create work inspired by 

minerals, then shop the PBWA collection to create your own curated, wearable art 

landscape. Your body is a wearable art canvas!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Gold Lush


Having seen the Metropolitan Museum’s: China Through the Looking Glass 

exhibit earlier this month, I am still channeling a mood of ‘elaborate and lush’ rather 

than one of summer ‘minimalism’. The ornate fabrications, magnificent haute 

couture and stunning examples of decorative ‘wearable art’ were truly inspiring and 

I find myself donning brocades and floral rather than dressing in my ‘go-to’, insipid 

white summer tee. Impressive as well throughout the exhibit, though somewhat 

underplayed, were the various examples of historic headpieces, both narrative and enigmatic. 

Throughout history, headpieces have been worn as a form of wearable art, 

defining periods in fashion and offering an endless supply of inspiration for movies, 

costume, art and design. Apart from aesthetic purposes, headpieces were often used 

to convey power in culture as well as depict belief systems in religion through the 

use of symbolism. Headpieces were even thought to connect us to the divine realm. 

The idea that accessories, in general, hold divine power for the wearer is not lost on 

today’s fashion connoisseurs, with many believing a wearable art piece to have zen-

like properties and healing powers. 

 So, whether you’re hoping to find that inner Chinese Empress, feeling like 

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, or taking a cue from Kristy Mitchell’s “Gaia, The Birth 

of An End,” Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art has you covered in LUSH! Take a look at 

our inspiration board and shop the collection. From sculpted, gold resin mesh cuffs 

with inlaid jewels and minerals, to simple, but flashy statement-making Golden 

Pyrite rings, be prepared to shine bright and rule your own domain (or just the 

office!) in your one-of-a-kind Wearable Art from Pauletta Brooks. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black & Gold

Black & Gold

As we near the end of November and enter into the last frenzied month of the year, the transitional black and gold color combo works perfectly as we move from rustic thanksgiving mode to the sparkle of the holiday season and bright new year. This perfect color duo is all over our radar. So we gathered together some of our favorite black and gold pieces from the PBWA collection along with a few wonderful inspiration photos sure to inspire you this season: from local neighborhood coffee spots for a warm cup o’ joe to beautiful home d├ęcor, we bet you’ll be pulling out all your black and gold now too!


Alexander McQueen Jacket, Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket, James Whistler, Table Cloth from ABC Carpet & HomeAlaia Booties, Black Gold Coffee & Antiques, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

PBWA Picks for Completing the Perfect Black & Gold Ensemble: 

One-of-a-kind gold mesh cuff, Gold star and black beaded earrings, Black druzy pendant necklace on gold chain.

Want to shop these items and more Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art? Visit us at the Grand Central Holiday Fair! Going on now through Dec. 24th,  (almost) all day, every day. Have your pick of statement pieces, chat with the designer or find that one of kind holiday gift you’ve been searching for. We’ve got it all for you so don’t be shy. Come say hi!

Don’t live in New York? Shop Pauletta Brooks online too! Visit our Etsy shop HERE or see what PBWA is all about at

Wednesday, May 28, 2014



art x fashion project

As many of you know, Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art is participating in COMPLETE PARTS: art x fashion project by DRAFTspace. At last night's opening reception, visitors had the chance to mingle and view the work up close which included photography by Natalie Conn superimposed with jewelry from 49 premier worldwide designers. Here are some snapshots from last night…

We had such a great time meeting you all--but don't worry if you couldn't make it! The show will be on display at Shinn Gallery through June 17th, 2014. Be sure to check it out for yourself!  

Thursday, May 22, 2014


As the weather continues to grow warmer here in NYC, clothing layers shed and activities move from indoors out to the patios and city streets beyond.
Spring is finally here!
Anyone suffering from seasonal depression can take revenge with every ice cream cone, rooftop party invitation, or glorious ray of sunlight watched far into the evening. It’s with this revitalized spirit that we move towards seasonal RENEWAL. Renewal takes shape in all aspects of our life and in whatever context most relevant to our personal prosperity. And it never hurts to add fuel to fire of renewal when it comes to what we wear when we walk out the door each morning. Those gorgeous pieces of jewelry we mix with our outfits add more than just a bit of sparkle and glitz—each mineral found in a necklace or set of earrings adds a dose of Earth’s power and acts as a reminder of nature’s constant sense of renewal. The story behind each pretty gem is found in its mineral properties and includes ideas of rebirth, development and creation—just the ingredients needed to start a fresh new journey.
Some say power dressing? We say power gemming.

So if you need some inspiration for your own spring renewal, check out the photos below from Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art Spring Collection including Turquoise, Amethyst and Calcite.
Spring has sprung. Renewal is happening.



Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Color Trends
Fall 2013

Pantone has recently released their list of color trends for this coming fall. So in the spirit of embracing the upcoming chilly weather, we’ve combined our favorite colors trends to show you how we here at PBWA would wear them this season!

Emerald: Emerald is Pantone’s 2013 color of the year. While most have a good idea of what this green stone looks like, other gemstones in this color range would be: Tsavorite, Garnet, Malachite, Jadeite/Jade, Diopside.


Acai: The famous acai berry has been getting its share of news lately in the health sector, so it’s no wonder this purple hue has turned up in color predictions as well. Amethyst might be the best known gemstone to represent this color trend. However, some other readily available options include Fluorite, Spinel, and Lolite.

Koi: What is autumn without some warm orange tones to reflect the fall foliage? For this rich color trend, Citrine, Hessonite, or Orange Topaz would be fitting.

Mykonos: Comprises a rich blue color with just a hint of green, which brings to mind fond summer memories for those of you still holding on to the warm weather. We’re reminded of the Greek Isles and fantasize about that one last Indian summer vacation. Gemstones in this family color include Indicolite, Kyanite, Fluorite, and Apatite.

To find out more information on these and other colorful items, email or visit www.paulettabrooks.comEtsy, and Goodsie!

Happy Fall!

Photography by Zoe Field & Omorphy Photos