Monday, August 24, 2015

Gold Lush


Having seen the Metropolitan Museum’s: China Through the Looking Glass 

exhibit earlier this month, I am still channeling a mood of ‘elaborate and lush’ rather 

than one of summer ‘minimalism’. The ornate fabrications, magnificent haute 

couture and stunning examples of decorative ‘wearable art’ were truly inspiring and 

I find myself donning brocades and floral rather than dressing in my ‘go-to’, insipid 

white summer tee. Impressive as well throughout the exhibit, though somewhat 

underplayed, were the various examples of historic headpieces, both narrative and enigmatic. 

Throughout history, headpieces have been worn as a form of wearable art, 

defining periods in fashion and offering an endless supply of inspiration for movies, 

costume, art and design. Apart from aesthetic purposes, headpieces were often used 

to convey power in culture as well as depict belief systems in religion through the 

use of symbolism. Headpieces were even thought to connect us to the divine realm. 

The idea that accessories, in general, hold divine power for the wearer is not lost on 

today’s fashion connoisseurs, with many believing a wearable art piece to have zen-

like properties and healing powers. 

 So, whether you’re hoping to find that inner Chinese Empress, feeling like 

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, or taking a cue from Kristy Mitchell’s “Gaia, The Birth 

of An End,” Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art has you covered in LUSH! Take a look at 

our inspiration board and shop the collection. From sculpted, gold resin mesh cuffs 

with inlaid jewels and minerals, to simple, but flashy statement-making Golden 

Pyrite rings, be prepared to shine bright and rule your own domain (or just the 

office!) in your one-of-a-kind Wearable Art from Pauletta Brooks. 

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