Friday, April 27, 2012

Mad for Minerals

This earth is filled with non-stop inspiration, from the willow trees and ranunculus to the exotic reptiles and neon fish. I often find more inspiration from nature, than from anything else.  In art and jewelry, one of my constant forms of influence is through minerals. (And GIRL that I am, usually the more sparkly, the better!)  I'm intrigued by the amazing variety and oddness of some stones. For instance, take a look below. Can you believe these actually come this way from the earth? They are a unique and special stone called Brazilian Eye Agate.

There are hoards of people that collect (like Lawrence H. Conklin, Mineralist), draw, study, or paint rocks and minerals. Others appreciate them for their mystical and healing powers. I prefer to make them into artful jewelry.

With my jewelry I tend to use these stones as a focal point and keep them in their raw, unpolished state. I am attracted by the contrast- how jagged and rough they're shaped, with their earthy, organic quality yet how they always maintain an air of simple beauty. Take the amethyst bracelet above; the stones are big, chunky and multi-faceted, but the bracelet comes together as a simple and streamlined piece of jewelry which showcases the stone's natural elegance.

Apparently, I'm not the only one to take advantage of earth's little gems. Above you will see one of Josh Martin's photographs. While he doesn't focus only on minerals, I found this photo of a mineral deposit extremely intriguing. It reminds me of photos of earth from above, and I can't help but imagine all the little microscopic organisms that must exist there. For another wonderful photo look at:

Another innovative idea is to turn something natural into something even more organic, such as a planter. Girl And Parrot offer vessels for air plants, such as this one (seen above) in quartz.

Are you sold on minerals and stones yet?

As a side note, if you're equally interested in minerals and stones and happen to be in New York, there is an excellent permanent exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History or stop by Astro Gallery of Gems on Fifth Ave for a look.

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