Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Color Trends
Fall 2013

Pantone has recently released their list of color trends for this coming fall. So in the spirit of embracing the upcoming chilly weather, we’ve combined our favorite colors trends to show you how we here at PBWA would wear them this season!

Emerald: Emerald is Pantone’s 2013 color of the year. While most have a good idea of what this green stone looks like, other gemstones in this color range would be: Tsavorite, Garnet, Malachite, Jadeite/Jade, Diopside.


Acai: The famous acai berry has been getting its share of news lately in the health sector, so it’s no wonder this purple hue has turned up in color predictions as well. Amethyst might be the best known gemstone to represent this color trend. However, some other readily available options include Fluorite, Spinel, and Lolite.

Koi: What is autumn without some warm orange tones to reflect the fall foliage? For this rich color trend, Citrine, Hessonite, or Orange Topaz would be fitting.

Mykonos: Comprises a rich blue color with just a hint of green, which brings to mind fond summer memories for those of you still holding on to the warm weather. We’re reminded of the Greek Isles and fantasize about that one last Indian summer vacation. Gemstones in this family color include Indicolite, Kyanite, Fluorite, and Apatite.

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Happy Fall!

Photography by Zoe Field & Omorphy Photos

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