Thursday, August 23, 2012 Inspiration

As a creative type, I'm like an open receptacle for visual input. A total 'junkie', always on the search for my next visual fix. Whether it'll molest me from a dark city dive bar or caress me while on a purifying walk in a rustic woodland- I can never predict. All I know is that I'm ready to receive it. I appreciate most when it comes from inside my own head, like from a fanciful fever dream, but more often these days, it comes just from an arm's length away, hovering at the edge of my laptop screen.

Segue... I was recently invited to the online art site,  Their entire mission is to make art accessible to anyone with an internet connection (very promising!).. Lots of great images to peruse and so many new artists to discover.
I immediately went into visual overdrive.

Exploring quickly became an addiction. I was discovering new artists, techniques and styles, and rediscovering artists I had long forgotten. And with so many great images I was getting the jitters just thinking about how exciting it would be to connect these new 'finds' to my other 'visual addiction', Pinterest.  Ultimately, what transpired was my Art 101 assignment: To select a group of portraits and artworks from, and, with my jewelry, accessorize them for Sept. Fashion Week! How purely trivial and fun.
Here's a look at some of my art muses:

Chantal Joffe's,  Blonde Wearing a Lace Collar will wear one of my pink Calcite pendants

Bodgdan Vladuta's, Mirela  and Anselm Kiefer's, Totes-Meer will wear a multi-minerals pendant in silver frame

Picasso's, La Femme Fleur will sprout some fingers in this green octahedron ring with pyrite
Judy Pfaff's, Year-of-the-Dog number 3 can tie on a Rubber Assemblage choker
Faille 's Falling can continue the rust and turquoise color story with a multi-minerals in silver pendant
Simmons and Burke, Collage-number 8 will wears a neon pink feathers and gems Rubber Assemblage combo

Moholy-Nagy, Lighting Equipment For An Electric Stage can circle the stage with Carnelian rings in silver filigree
and Franz Kline's, The Bridge will bridge the connection of jewelry to art in crystal mix pendants

I could keep going, but Now it's your turn I'm curious to see how others would approach this. 
And to make it more fun, I'm holding a Pin It to Win It contest! Here's what to do:
1. Sign in to and search for Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art
2. Using a piece of jewelry from my Wearable Art board (or from my Etsy or web site) as your 'muse', create your own board with whatever images it inspires in you (can be art, fashion, nature photos, recipes, etc) 
3. Then email the link to your board to: so we can track it.
Creativity counts! 

Show us your board (minimum 6 images) by Sept. 30 to be entered to win a piece of Pauletta Brooks jewelry. Enter as many boards as you'd like.

Best of luck!

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